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FAQs | Lufkin Community Food Drive


1. What is the Lufkin Community Food Drive?
The Lufkin Community Food Drive is sponsored by churches, ministers, companies, and individuals who have have teamed to raise funds to provide Thanksgiving Food Baskets for needy families in the East Texas area. The food drive is performed annually before Thanksgiving and currently provides food for over 2,000 needy individuals and families.

2. How can I help?
We do need volunteers who can help assemble and deliver on Saturday morning, November 17th, the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Typically, there will be about 350 to 450 people working to assemble and deliver the boxes out into the Community. We will have an organized list, directions with maps, and the family name where the basket will be delivered. In 2016 we had 2,000 baskets assembled and out for delivery in 3 hours. Attending Saturday can be as short as an hour, and should not be more than (3) hours. You may come and go as you like. You can register as a volunteer by filling out our volunteer form.

3. How can I nominate a family to receive food?
If you know of a needy family, we have set up a direct voicemail box where you can leave a message at 936-631-3176. Please leave the Family Name, Address, Detailed Directions to the House, Home Phone Or Cell Phone Number, Number of People at the Home, and a Contact Person at the Home. We will do our best to reach them on the 17th, sometime between 9am and 1pm. You can also nominate a family with our nomination Form.

4. How can I donate to the Community Food Drive?
We are seeking to raise $24,000 from the local Community to fund this year’s Drive. Your gift may remain anonymous as well. You may make financial contributions by mailing checks to: Community Food Drive, 1508 S. 1st St., Lufkin, TX 75901. The 501C3 Tax ID is 84-1628431. You can also donate on the Internet by using our donation form.